Our Programmes

  • Western Balkans

    The wars of the 1990s and their aftermath are still very much present in the states succeeding former Yugoslavia. forumZFD works in the region with a focus on dealing with the past and providing education for peace at a formal and informal level. Find more on the this webpage. read more

  • Cambodia

    The legacy of decades of conflict finds its expression in the ways the Cambodian society deals with conflicts on various levels. Just at the beginng of 2015 forumZFD seeks to document existing peaceful approaches of conflict transformation in order to show there relevance in today's society. read more

  • Israel & Palestine

    Since 1999 forumZFD is active in Israel and Palestine. The forumZFD's approach to conflict-transformation is to work in both societies, the Israeli and the Palestinian (society), and across the border. Soon you will find more information about our projects. read more

  • Lebanon

    The legacy of the Lebanese civil war, three consecutive wars and the dramatic situation of the Syrian refugees continue to shape the political discourse. Since 2009 forumZFD has been working in the country. You will find more about our project on this website. read more

  • Boat for Peace in Mati, Mindanao


    Conflicts of an economic, cultural and ideological nature overlap on Mindanao. forumZFD’s peace work focuses on conflict transformation and on developing media skills. You will find more about our work and projects of the this webpage. read more